Monday, October 24, 2016

Code Academy now has a FREE course to Learn Java for Beginners

Code Academy has now released their full Java course and within days, almost 60K+ students have already registered. Does it say anything about the popularity of Java? Given Java provides the really good prospect of getting a job and there are more than one reasons to learn Java, I am not surprised with a number of students registered. Code Academy has always been a superb source to learn new programming language or technology from the start. I first started using it for learning JavaScript and used it a couple of months back to improve my UNIX command skills.

Though Code Academy's Java course is too basic for anyone who knows Java, it's great if you don't know Java and wants to learn it.

It also puts an end to numerous questions on StackOverflow, Reddit, Java Forums about sites like CodeAcademy to learn Java. You now have Code Academy itself teaching Java.

Gone are the days when books were the only source of knowledge and learning. Nowadays the internet is full of interactive websites and tutorials which will help you to learn more in quick time.
They are also engaging so you won't feel bored. Btw, not all of them are great quality like Code Academy, so always make some research and choose the best.

In short, if you want to learn a new technology or programming language e.g. Java or JavaScript, first check if CodeAcademy has any course, if yes then you don't need to search further, just grab it.

Why Should You learn Java from Code Academy

To be honest I am a Code Academy fan so you find my reason biased but I like it as much I like the Head First series, both of them are an excellent source to learn a new programming language. A combination of Head First Java and Code Academy is the best resource to learn Java online.

Why I love Code Academy, because it's interactive. When I am learning from CodeAcademy I can program for hours on the programming language I didn't know because I am actually learning, I am also good at doing things my own but CodeAcademy provides learning boost.

Code Academy now has a FREE course to Learn Java

I have also received feedback from many of my readers complaining that they feel stuck when they try to learn a new programming language on their own and couldn't manage to cross first few barriers e.g. setup, syntax, and semantics. Code Academy help you there.

You don't need to set up your Java environment to write a simple Java program, you will do of course but once you have got some feel and confident.

You can just go CodeAcademy and start learning Java without worrying about anything, that's the best part.

 I guess it also aligns with Java's motto which is let the application developer focus on business logic and all system things best left to JVM. If you ever confused or stuck something or wants to learn more about a concept e.g. PATH, CLASSPATH, JAVA_HOME, JDK or JRE then you can always ask here for help.

What are the other options?

If by some reason you don't like Code Academy or you have done a course at CodeAcademy and looking for some more interactive learning courses then I suggest you checking some of the free Java courses from Pluralsight e.g. Java Fundamentals: The Core Platform, it provides a good overview of Java fundamentals and you can get it free by signing of 1days trial.

Free Java Courses for beginners

Pluralsight also has more advanced courses for Java programmer as well e.g. Introduction to Spring MVC to learn Spring framework
You can also read my article 2 websites to learn Java online. It gives you some more resource to learn Java online for free.

There are a lot of information on Java freely available on the internet e.g. there are free books on Java which you read online or download as PDF, this including Thinking in Java as well. There are several Java forums where you can post your queries and ask help.

That's all guys. It's great news for all the people who want to learn Java. You can go now and create your free account at CodeAcademy and start learning Java. Since books are an essential part of learning, you can also buy Head First Java 2nd Edition to further boost your learning.

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It's just a preview, full course is yet to launched but table of content looks really good to me, especially the data structure in Java part. I have been looking so long for code academy to teach Java and data structure, guess its not far away.

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javin plese post article on payment gatewaay integration using jsp s

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