Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Result of Recent Google PageRank Update in November 2011

Just come to know about recent Google PR update which is due today 8th November 2011 and thought about this post to share result of recent Google Page Rank update based on my experience.
Everybody in web is talking about this Google PR update which is coming after recent Google Panda or Caffeine update, which has affected many sites ranking. I think Google PR update has been done or under work because I can see PR updates from zero to two on some of my articles. I can also see that this time Google is more restrict on awarding page rank and the one which got PR 3 on last Google PR update on Augst 2011 is getting PR 2 this time. Google has also adjusted PR of existing articles along with new articles.
I am still waiting peoples response on this Google PR update but I guess it will take another few hours before all webmaster can see effect of Google Page Rank update on there Site.

Please share how is this recent Google Page Rank update for your site for both new articles and old articles.

Result of Latest Google PageRank Update in November 2011

What is Google PR Update

Result of Recent Google PR update November 2011
For those who doesn't know about Google Pagerank , its an algorithm Google used to give weight or authority to a website. itself has PR 10 which is full PR along with Face-book. other popular site like youtube, twitter has PR in the range of 9 and 8. Though how PR is decided is little tricky the most important factor is links if you get more links from high PR websites, your websites page rank will be boosted.

Google doesn't update PageRank of every website daily rather it does a PageRank update once in few month like last Google PR update was done on August 2011 and Today 8th November recent Google Page Rank update has been done or undergoing in some geographic.

Effect of Recent Google PageRank Updates

Though its quite early to comment on Result of  Recent Google PageRank Update following are my observation based on my blog Javarevisited pagerank results:

1)    Google seems  more restrictive on Giving PageRank.
2)    Articles which were awarded PR 3 on last updates now reduced to PR2.
3)    Articles posted till second last week of October has updated PR.

Again Please share your views on recent Google PR updates or results and how PageRank of your WebSite , Blog and Articles has affected and how it improved Search Ranking .

All the best.


Anonymous said...

How did You measure effect of Recent Google PageRank Result ? Can you please let me know I would also like to learn about Google PageRank Result, Thanks

Javin Paul said...

@Anonymous, I have used Google toolbar's PR button to check Recent updated Google PageRank of my blog. you can also do the same just install Google toolbar and enable Google PageRank button to see the result of recent Google PR update.

Javin @ unsupportedClassVersionError in Java said...

@Rekhilesh, you are right man biggest surprise of Recent Google PR update is that itself reduced from PR 10 to 9.

@Anonymous, Congrats your result of Google PR update is quite pleasant, please share how did you achieve this.

Anonymous said...

three out of four sites gained a level, and another stayed the same. It has a different purpose though. -_0

Javin @ grep examples said...

@Anonymous, this looks great, are you talking about your homepage page ranking or internal page ranking ? Can you also share how you achieved this.

Godwin Delali Adadzie said...

Some of my blogs have attained level up from PR 0 to PR 3. Others have depreciated from PR 4 to PR 3 and even 2. Hmm. I also noticed that both Google and Facebook have PR 9 instead of 10. Google is up to something. The Google +1 button effect you see. Unless Facebook uses the Google +1 button, it can not have PR 10 again. Top secret revealed.

ZARIEF said...

Javin@ Simple trick, posting regularly with same format of your article, no link exchange(I'm not sure link exchange has effect of this), I got 2 from 0 and alexa rank from more than 20 million to 1,2 million just in 47 days...

Anonymous said...

good stuff of all about

Javin @ String split Java said...

baklink is nothing but a link to your site from any other site link in this example all the links on comment are backlinks to there site. I hope that make sense, let me know if you still need help.

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