10 Tips on working fast in UNIX or Linux

10 UNIX Productivity tips
Have you ever amazed to see someone working very fast in UNIX, firing commands and doing things in mille seconds? Yes I have seen and I have always inspired to learn from those gems of guys. This article or tutorial or whatever you call it I have dedicated to share UNIX command practices I follow to work fast, quick or efficiently in UNIX. I work for financial services industry and my work involves development and support of online stock and futures trading application in Electronic trading, Derivatives etc. all our services runs of UNIX servers so its very important for me to work efficiently and quickly in Linux machine.

Top 20 FIX Protocol Interview Questions

Its' been a while since I shared FIX protocol interview questions. So here is the new set of top 20 FIX protocol interview questions. These are the question which is mostly asked in while interviewing any developer or support professional which has some knowledge of FIX protocol. Given the number of clients, broker and exchange using FIX protocol it’s really a great thing to have on your resume and can land you some very well paying jobs in the street. These questions not only serve as a quick reference before heading for an FIX protocol job interview but also opens a new path of learning for guys who are new in FIX and trying to understand it. I am not giving answers of these questions initially and leaving for you guys to find it out but I will update these post sometime later to include answers of below FIX protocol questions, for now, these are questions which many of you definitely be aware and for newcomers it’s an exercise for them to find answers. You can definitely ask me if you have any difficulty finding answers of any of these questions by reading FIX protocol technical specification or by taking help of any good Fixionary.

10 Singleton Pattern Interview Questions in Java - Answered

Singleton design pattern is one of the most common patterns you will see in Java applications and it’s also used heavily in core Java libraries. Questions from Singleton pattern is very common in Java interviews and good knowledge of how to implement Singleton pattern certainly help.This is also one of my favorite design pattern interview question and has lots of interesting follow-up to dig into details , this not only check the knowledge of design pattern but also check coding, multithreading aspect which is very important while working for a real life application. In this post have listed some of the most common question asked on Singleton pattern during a Java Interview. I have not provided the answers of these questions as they are easily available via google search but if you guys need I can try to modify this tutorial to include answers as well.